Shelley Netball Club Constitution 



To provide the sport of Netball to the local community in a competitive club structure.


Club Name

The club shall be called the Shelley Netball Club


Equity Statement

The Shelley Netball Club has a commitment to equality of race, ethnic origin, colour, creed, disability, gender, age, marital status, and social inclusion, embracing people that make Netball happen, whether as a player, coach, official, volunteer, manager, administrator or spectator.


Club Officers

The Shelley Netball Club Officers shall be:

Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.


Management Committee

The Shelley Netball Club Management Committee shall consist of the Officers, the Team Captains, Welfare Officer, School/Club Link Co-ordinator, Volunteers Co-ordinator, and Young members Representative and Lead Coach. Up to three other people may be co-opted for their specific expertise and/or skill.


The Management Committee shall meet three times a year in addition to the AGM – Pre-season, mid-season and post season.


Annual Subscriptions

These will be determined annually before the start of season (September) and be sufficient to cover the estimated expenditure for the season.  The Subscription will cover England Netball, Eastern Region, Herts Netball, League and Shelley Netball Club affiliation fees.  The subscription is payable before the start of each season, or on joining the Shelley Netball Club, as applicable.


Junior members will pay a reduced Annual Subscription depending on the fees for each group above.  If relevant, disadvantaged members may have reduced fees following confidential discussion with the Club Secretary.


Match and Other Fees

A match fee will be charged to all team members, which will cover the estimated cost of each match played.  This does not include tournaments, charity matches and other forms of match.  These will be charged according to the circumstances.


Annual General Meeting

This will be held at the end of each season and will decide on all matters arising from the season’s play and the proposals for the coming season.  The audited accounts will be received.  The Officers will be voted.  Award presentations will be made as defined by the Management Committee.


Playing Rules

All Shelley Netball Club players and members will be governed by the current England Netball Constitution and Byelaws, the Hertfordshire Netball Association Rules and any league rules that apply.


Dissolution of the Shelley Netball Club

In the event of the dissolution of the Club, all moneys outstanding after debts have been paid, shall be paid to the Herts Netball Association.


Child Protection Policy

The Shelley Netball Club will:

  • accept its moral and legal responsibility in relation to the Children Act 1989, and implement procedures to provide a Duty of Care for, and safeguard the well-being of, young people and protect them from abuse.
  • respect the rights, wishes and feelings of young people.
  • select, train and supervise volunteers to raise awareness of the need to protect young people, provide appropriate Duty of Care, and promote the implementation of its policies and procedures.
  • respond to any allegations appropriately, and have disciplinary and appeals procedures in place to deal with incidences of poor practice.
  • require coaches, umpires and volunteers to sign a ‘code of  conduct’ to safeguard the welfare of young people and to protect themselves from false allegations.


All coaches, officials and volunteers involved with young participants in the Club, will complete a Shelley Netball Club Volunteer Registration Form, which includes a Code of Conduct, and where necessary, complete an application for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.


The Club will nominate a suitably qualified Welfare Officer to provide a confidential link for the young participants.


All young participants are expected to complete a Shelley Netball Club Young Player Registration Form, which includes a Code of Conduct and a parent/carer signature.


Shelley Netball Club Rules

  1. The Club shall consist of one or more squads, each squad having a minimum of seven players, plus a suitably qualified umpire, Level 2 coach and manager (roles may be combined).
  2. Lower squad players will be expected to play up if requested.
  3. Players must become an affiliated member of the Club before playing to ensure League Rules are satisfied. Full match and other fees will be paid accordingly.
  4. Fees will be payable at the start of the season (September) in a lump sum based on the expected expenditure for that season. Extra payments may be requested to cover specific events and other costs.
  5. All players are expected to attend practice and coaching sessions as required. Higher squad players might forfeit their place if they infringe this rule without an adequate reason.
  6. Summer League (if held), may be used between seasons for new players and practice matches. Players will be expected to compete in some or all of the Summer League matches according to circumstances.
  7. Selection Trials may be held where necessary.
  8. Team Captains will be responsible for their squad’s behaviour on and off the court.
  9. All members are expected to behave in a manner complimentary to the Club at all times.